Dedicated to improving air quality in southwestern Pennsylvania

The SW PA Air Quality Partnership, Inc. is a public/private coalition of volunteers dedicated to improving air quality in the southwestern Pennsylvania. We work to educate residents about air quality issues and voluntary actions to help reduce air pollutants.


Find resources to teach our children about air issues.


Learn how air pollution can affect your health.


Learn about what’s in the air you breathe.


Find a new way to get where you’re going.


Become a member and improve the bottom line.

Today’s Air Quality Forecast


Why Should You Make Clean Air Your Business?

We could give you charts, statistics, and buzzwords galore, but the simple fact is that doing your share for cleaner air is good for the environment and for your business. Your employees, customers, and friends are all susceptible to the dangers of air pollution. And if their lungs aren’t working properly, chances are they aren’t either! As a business leader, you can make a big impact in the community through your efforts to promote alternative transportation, conserve resources and promote air quality. There’s a good chance you’ll save money, too!

What’s Your Air Quality ROI!

  • Healthier, More Productive Employees
  • Lower Health Care Costs
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Reduced Waste
  • Increased Community Awareness/Outreach

How Can Your Business Help?